About Us

The passion in aprons started in Holland in 1997.
In the last 19 years the business developed a lot, but the love and passion for handcrafted aprons never faded but only became stronger wen it have been passed  from father to son.

These days specialized in handcrafted leather aprons made in a atelier in the heart of London.
Quality is our highest goal, that’s why our leather is from the finest collection and specially selected for aprons.

Stalwart leather aprons are tough with a distinctive character and are perfect wear whether for restaurant and bar staff, food preparation, home cooking on a barbecue or protection for craft activities.

Why Buy A Stalwart Leather Apron?

Even before the leather is used to create your apron,it already has a beautiful antique character.

With the natural grain and characteristic aged effects,the leather looks like it could have been purchased at an antique auction.

In order to emphasize the authenticity of the leather,
our skins are selected for their natural
features such as neck wrinkles, scratches and branding etc.
These features can then be found incorporated into
your own Stalwart leather apron,
handcrafted in our studio in London to ensure the finished piece is of the highest quality.

Cleaning / Maintenance

Your Stalwart leather apron requires little maintenance.
Because the vintage leather is coated to ensure it is water resistant.
This means any spillages, including coffee, red wine or oil can be simply wiped off with a lukewarm cloth and natural soap if necessary.
Do not use aggressive cleaning products.
In order to dry your leather apron, hang it in an open space.
Never let wet leather dry on a heat source.

This ensures you can keep your apron clean wear after wear.

To keep you leather apron in good condition it is recommended to use leather conditioner once a month or after an intense cleaning.


Our handcrafted aprons are full of character and only get better with wear.

Unlike a fabric apron,
our leather aprons become smoother with age and mold to the wearer’s body,
ensuring your leather apron looks good, wear after wear.

The durability of Stalwart’s leather aprons makes their use incredibly versatile. Our leather aprons are worn in restaurants and food shops,
as well as by barbers, market sellers and even blacksmiths.

Buying a leather apron instead of a cotton apron is a well-considered decision.
You will only need to purchase one apron per staff member,
there are no cleaning costs and will
not need to be replaced after one year of wear.
On the contrary, your Stalwart leather apron will
look better with wear and your logo will not fade away.


We also offer a customization service,
branding your business logo on the front of your leather apron.
This will never fade, unlike a stamping service offered for fabric aprons.

You can choose your own unique colour to complement your business

Stalwart aprons will give your business extra character and style to help you to stand out

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