Denim Apron with Leather Backstraps • Blue, Black or Brown

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Give your staff a striking smart look with our denim aprons with leather backstraps. Light and comfortable to wear all day, as the backstraps spread the weight equally over your back, so no weight in the neck. This apron will give you a lot of comfort while working.


There are five adjustable points on the backstraps, which ensure the apron forms nicely to the shape of the body with immaculate detailing, which gives you an elegant and professional look. The leather straps and patch are detachable, so the apron can be washed till 90 degrees and is suitable for industrial ironing.


Available in: black, brown, blue denim
Measurements: L:84 CM x W:60 CM


Additional option: get a detachable leather patch attached to the apron which can embossed with your logo. Please email to including artwork to receive your personal quotation. Minimum order amount 5 pieces.


✓ Adjustable at 5 different points

✓ Includes a pocket

✓ Unisex, one size fits all

✓ Light and flexible to wear whole day

✓ Forms nicely to the shape of the body

✓ Personal branding on leather batch possible


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5 pieces for £ 55.- 10 pieces for £ 49.99
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